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Key and Peele Theme Song Lyrics – Reggie Watts

Lyrics to Key and Peele Theme Song by Reggie Watts


[Verse 1]
Crazy crazy does, does, does is crazy
Crazy make up for adjustment
Just like you, you jammin on the verse
First one’s planned but you want a girlfriend
And I bet, do you, dare, when you
Fly up on the plane
Get you on something
But I will not dare ya bump
When I don’t do, same
Everybody got to love, yeah
Do not do the same
Everybody got a lotta yeah yeah

All I want, yeah
But I don’t need, yuh
(Everybody gotta sing)
All I want, yeah
But I don’t need, yuh

Everything about you baby
Got the flavor of the night
When I do ya, how I’m feelin
It’s okay if you’re starving from your flight
Because we got more than we could tell-ah
Is I would not see the sound

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